About Us

For 20 years, we've been dedicated to catering to the diverse needs of dogs, cats, fish, small birds, and rodents. From treats for creatures big and small to hand-picked plants for your aquarium, we've got it all. Our knowledgeable team, with years of experience, is here and more than happy to guide you in providing the best for your pets. Join us in marking this milestone and continue making Animalerie TooZoo your go-to spot for all your pet needs! 🐾 -Mia & the TooZoo team (and Bender of course!)

Client Reviews

Friendliest shop I've ever been to! The staff have always been nothing less than kind and caring. From day one, I have never had a single problem with them and they are true to their service. If they do not have the products you need/want, they always find ways to work it out! I have literally gone out of my way to buy my dog's food from their store simply due to their great service and I want to support the shop :) Thank you for your hard work so far everyone! You are truly amazing!
Ashley H.
Best pet store in the Plateau. Has everything you need for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, and fish. Fairly priced. Small animals (rats, hamsters, fish) available for purchase. I’ve been going here for supplies for my rats for 6 years and always have a good experience.
Jordan E.
I have to say 5 star service. Stopped in with our puppy Shiba and treats were given, dog friends were made. Amazing customer service and goes way beyond chain or bigbox. Great shop.
J. Tee
Hands down the BEST pet store I've been to. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and kind. Mia and her staff are just the best - you can tell they really care. I cannot recommend this place enough. Even after moving farther away outside the city, I always make sure to go back here for all my pet stuff!!
Amber M.
I love coming to Too Zoo to get my cat's food & toys! The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the staff are very kind and knowledgeable when I ask them for advice on selection. One of the staff even called different vet clinics for me when I was desperate to find milk replacement formula for my sick foster kitten. Thanks for being my go-to pet supplies store :)
Yuan K.
What a lovely place. I went for the first time to trim my bird's talons. The owner was a delight. She handled Rio with ease and care and it shows just how much experience she had. She gave me some pointers on taking care of my conure, and was very very friendly. I walked out feeling happy at the attention and service. I highly recommend a visit if you're in the area and have pet needs.
David M.
I am so very grateful to have this pet store in my neighborhood. I would claim it has some of the warmest and friendliest staff I have ever come in contact with. Staff here are all very knowledgeable and the type of people to send you to another store if that would better serve you as a customer, which I appreciate immensely. I would say this is a medium sized store however they pack in a lot of beautiful and good products suitable to the season, they showcase their products well, I am always discovering new and cool stuff for my dog. They are very competitively priced even against online retailers and you can order in just about anything you would ever need. I would highly recommend, it is one of the only remaining independently owned pet stores around and it’s my favourite in Montreal
Simon L.
They are simply THE BEST! We have a new kitten, have passed by many different pet shops, and this is, BY FAR, the best. All the people here are so kind, so nice and so knowledgeable. It doesn’t matter who takes care of you, ALL are great. Won’t never go to any other pet shop in Montreal. They are sooo open to help! Trust me, you won’t regret to stop by even if it is just to take a look at the store.
Diana G.
This place is a gold mine of just the right thing for any dog, bird or probably any other companion critter you might have. Carefully selected items. Recommend! Will probably drive here from NDG again and again
Karen and Colin F.
Great staff and very helpful and kind. If they don’t have something they will order it for you. My dog was very shy at first and after just 3 visit she acts like she owns the place 😂. She just loves to go there and that says a lot!!
Katherine P.